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Mission Statement

To provide valuable & affordable inventory control services that can be leveraged by business operators to effectively manage operations & optimize profitability.


Raising the standard of inventory accuracy for all businesses through the provision of reliable system data needed to make critical business decisions in real time.

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Attention to Detail Co. LTD is an Inventory Management Consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses that are heavily invested in physical inventory to protect themselves against theft & fraud of their goods

Our team has a unique skill set that can enhance the competence and reach of your existing Internal Control Systems, or we can be utilized as a stand-alone unit, managing the entire Inventory Control function independently



Cordell Mullings

Founder & CEO

As founder and CEO of Attention to Detail, Cordell is a creative visionary
fuelled by his passion to raise the standards of Inventory Management and
business data analytics throughout the Caribbean. Over a 16 year career, Cordell
has developed a very strong reputation as a leading Inventory Expert, with
experience in both Private and Public Sectors where he has served as an element
of change, constantly pushing the boundaries of Accuracy and Accountability
within Inventory Systems.

As a 20 year old starting out at the Clerical level in a Warehouse, Cordell
quickly ascended the Corporate ladder due to his unique ability to get the most
out of limited resources and being an unusually gifted problem solver.

Serving as Inventory Controller at Lasco Distributors Ltd. Cordell raised the
standards of Inventory Accuracy throughout the entire company, which
included the Consumer, Export and Pharmaceutical Divisions. These high
standards became the new norm for the entity and was accompanied by a
significant reduction in Inventory related costs.

Being efficient and obtaining maximum value from existing resources has
become a trademark for Cordell and has made him the most sought after
Inventory Practitioner in the market island-wide. Based on reputation alone,
Cordell has attracted interest from several of the largest manufacturers and
Distributers across Jamaica. His desire to offer his unique and effective style of
problem solving on a wider scale led to the formation of Attention to Detail.


  • Outsourcing such functions allow you to benefit from the wealth of experience
    possessed by our team members across many industries.
  • The freedom to customize service packages ensures that your business pays only for
    the services that you need.
  • Significant reduction in pilferage and system errors
  • Significant reduction in cost of Inventory Control staff
  • Increased confidence in
  • accuracy of Inventory/Point of Sale system records
  • Vast experience of our team members in all areas of Inventory Management
  • Only services that are needed will be paid for
  • Able to make important business decisions with confidence
  • Quality & Value for Money!
  • Significant reduction in pilferage and other forms of shrinkage resulting in increased
  • Improved customer service due to real time on hand inventory data used in reorder
  • Significant reduction in obsolete inventory
  • Improve the competence of your team members

Certainly, we offer a wide range of training packages including one on one, as well as
group sessions

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