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Inventory System Clean-Up

Inventory systems that are not regularly audited tend to accumulate inaccurate or redundant data over time. Such data can cause confusion amongst users and ought to be removed to improve system accuracy & reliability. Issues such as duplicated SKU’s, negative inventory levels, inconsistent unit of measure conversions are just some of the bugs that can plague your inventory system and make your database almost completely redundant. Our inventory clean-up service removes unwanted data that clog up your system, leaving you with clear & accurate inventory records that can be relied upon to make important business decisions.

Perpetual Stock Taking Services

Compared to a full business shut down which is required to conduct periodic stock taking exercises, perpetual stock counting has become extremely popular for several reasons. Some of the reasons are:

  • No need to shut down operations and sacrifice sales revenue
  • More cost-effective than a periodic stock taking
  • Variances can be thoroughly investigated prior to updating system records
  • Can eliminate the need for periodic stock taking

  • Periodic Stock Taking Services

    Stock taking exercises can be extremely tedious, expensive & ineffective if not properly administered. It requires detailed planning, on the day human resource management and careful execution if one is to achieve the desired outcome. Our team of skilled & experienced stock counters will provide accurate physical count data to be uploaded into your inventory system, without the usual stresses associated with full stock taking exercises. This is achieved within agreed budgeted guidelines, ensuring that your company receives maximum value for every dollar spent.

    Barcode Data Capture

    Machine-readable identification is the quickest and most accurate form of product differentiation utilized today on a wide scale. The most common machine-readable identification method is the use of Bar Code technology. However, due to the sometimes tedious nature of capturing barcode data, combined with the specialized equipment needed for this exercise, it is often overlooked as a viable option for many local businesses. Attention to Detail has simplified this process and made it far more affordable for the general market. This enables businesses of all sizes to benefit from the many advantages of auto identification.

    Fixed Asset Management

    Verifying the existence and condition of fixed assets is a priority for most businesses. However, identifying team members with the requisite skills & experience to manage this process can be extremely difficult. In large companies where fixed assets are dispersed across multiple locations, these challenges can overwhelm the efforts of an entity’s internal resources and often causes significant uncertainty surrounding the existence of some assets in the registry. Attention to Detail offers companies the option of outsourcing their fixed asset management function to a competent team of specialists that will consistently deliver outstanding results. This relieves the administrative burden from an entity’s internal human resources, allowing you the freedom to focus on core business.

    Process Flow Mapping & Assessment

    Processes can become ineffective or obstructive over time due to operational changes, particularly if they are not frequently reviewed and amended. Such processes will cease to achieve the originally intended objectives and must be updated to remain relevant. Our focus will be assessing our client’s existing processes to determine if the desired objectives can be achieved in a more efficient & effective manner.

    Design & Implementation of Inventory Controls

    Having proper Inventory Controls in place is essential in protecting an entity’s products. For Controls to be effective, the operational environment & demands must be carefully considered at the design stage. Developing such controls starts with acquiring detailed knowledge of your operating environment and business objectives, then converting that information into strong Internal Controls that offers adequate protection, while eliminating obstructions.

    Management of Inventory Controls

    Companies heavily invested in physical inventory must develop an environment in which such items can be accounted for accurately and consistently. Inventory must also be valued and reported accurately on the balance sheet. This function is known as Inventory Control and must be robust in nature to effectively protect the assets of an entity. Attention to Detail provides highly skilled & specially trained personnel needed to monitor the flow of goods from the point of receipt, through to consumption or sale. This provides further assurance that an entity’s inventory is being utilized in a manner that is in line with its originally intended purpose.

    Staff Assessment & Training

    Maintaining a well-trained team to conduct inventory related operations is essential in achieving organizational objectives. Team members ought to possess the requisite traits, skills, aptitude and focus to perform consistently at an optimal level. Identifying such team members and bringing existing ones up to speed is a keen focus for our company as we strive to ensure that our clients are equipped with a team of high performers.

    Recruitment Services

    Making educated hiring decisions can be difficult for any manager who simply does not understand the intricate details of the skills needed by Inventory staff. This is the reason for outsourcing such a service to one who has intimate knowledge of the skill set and other qualities being sought. Attention to Detail has extensive experience in making hiring decisions for Inventory staff members and will no doubt be most effective in selecting suitable candidates for your operating environment.

    Cost Accounting Services

    Maintaining accurate inventory costs, particularly for imported items is crucial in analysing business performance & ranking products. This kind of in depth analysis provides a clear view of the products contributing significantly to the bottom line, as well as those that have little or no positive effect on profitability. This also helps in identifying high valued items that require additional security protection.

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